STRON--Glass Cutting Expert

STORN is glass cutting machine brand in glass industry with leading technology.All staff in STRON has always been working on the service for glass peossing industry,to develop the quality machine in the field of glass cutting.Holding the company culture,The Machine of Quality,STRON's excellent staff works hard to provide fine quality and full service glass cutting machine and technology support to the valued customer in glass industry.


Our team keeps passion on customer service.
Within constant development,besides head company in Changzhou,Jiangsu,STRON owns one branch company inFoshan,Guangdong,five sales & service offices in Beijing,Sichuan,Hunan,Shanxi,Liaoning in China.STRON is also building the network in overseas.In America,Australia,Africa,Europe,Middle East,Southeast Asia,we have 16 direct or agent service network.To guarantee the timely and efficient service worldwide.


STRON is working to keep the core technology in glass cutting,to expand the future space of glass processing.
With the core technology in mechanical design and control system,STRON is leading the glass cutting industry in China.The engineers are doing rigorous and innovative work to guarantee every STRON machine running in precise,efficient and stable condition.


STRON aims to be a responsible corporate citizen in a range of global,to make a contribution to the glass industry,to provide a good working and learninf platform for employees,to be a worldwode Chinese brand in glass cutting industry.

Our Culture

The Machine Of Quality

The staff of the STRON believe that there is only a great deal of refinement and refinement, so that there is a quality that persists in the faith of the world.
She is like the light that we come all the way, and the world creates the road of excellence on the road of excellence.

12 years of technical experience

Founded in 2011, with glass processing machinery and equipment research and development, production, sales, and technical services as one of the high-tech enterprises.

Core technologist

Stron has the core technology of cutting machinery technology and control system to help enterprises expand the future space of glass deep processing industry.

Over 5 direct offices in China

Jiangsu this department, all over the country branch, five domestic offices; overseas market has six large areas of 16 direct or agency service network, service network spread all over the world.

Global customer application case

More than 700 glass machinery industry to  make outstanding senior engineer, many  domestic and foreign customer application cases welcome on-site inspection.



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